Brave is now my default browser

Published on Nov 28, 2019

Last update: Dec 16, 2019

Bye Bye Google Chrome

As a software engineer, I’ve been an die-hard user of Google Chrome for years. Today, I’m excited to announce that chapter of my life is officially over. Brave has all the features I need from a web browser with powerful crypto economics and data privacy baked in.

Not many non-tech people realize this, but Google Chrome is actually based off the open-source browser Chromium. Lucky for me, the developers of Brave have built their platform off Chromium, just like Google. The Brave browser looks and works almost identical to Google Chrome in all the ways I use it.

Brave feels like the future

Brave offers more privacy than any of the other major browsers by blocking as many ads and scripts that collect your data as it can by default.

What’s better is that you can turn on optional Brave ads to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) when you view them. Unlike Google Adsense and competitors who obnoxiously display ads all over web pages, Brave ads are desktop notifications that you can choose to view. And you can tell the browser how many ads to offer you per hour. The ads that are displayed by Brave use only browsing data stored locally on your computer. Brave doesn’t collect or store any data on you. With Brave, you own your data and it never leaves your device.

As someone who understands the appeal of data privacy, but doesn’t personally care if I’m being tracked, the privacy Brave offers is an upgrade, but it wasn’t enough to make me switch. What convinced me to jump in is the fact that Brave enables you to contribute BAT to creators on the internet using either BAT you earn from watching ads or BAT that you purchase in USD/BTC/etc.

You have two options, you can either let Brave auto-contribute to the sites you use the most, or you can manually tip websites/creators quickly and easily through the browser. This is a powerful economic model that the internet hasn’t seen before.

Oh, and it’s also nice that by simply browsing the web and viewing ads when I have time, I’m mining BAT which could be worth money some day.

When I use Brave browser, it feels like the future. It will take a while for network effects to push enough people to Brave and unleash the full potential of BAT token economics, but I think we will get.

Update: 12/6/2019

Brave browser usage is growing quickly.

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