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2019-11-25 Hello, World!
2019-11-26 The biggest problem I see with a wealth tax economics
2019-11-27 Lessons from the storm--happiness isn't free happiness
2019-11-28 Brave is now my default browser technology crypto
2019-11-29 Ritual vs. Routine happiness productivity
2019-11-30 Delegate as much as you can happiness productivity
2019-12-01 To the end of the world (Short Story Sunday) writing fiction shortstory
2019-12-02 Presence requires deliberate slowness happiness
2019-12-03 Helium is the future of wireless connectivity crypto
2019-12-04 Tickle your tinker productivity happiness
2019-12-05 Why I've liquidated my index fund portfolio investing economics indexfundbubble
2019-12-06 There's a Share Buyback Bubble looming over the horizon investing economics indexfundbubble
2019-12-06 Index funds consolidate corporate voting power into the hands of three Wall Street executives investing economics indexfundbubble
2019-12-07 Why I'm still optimistic about the economy despite the Index Fund Bubble investing economics indexfundbubble
2019-12-08 How I'm invested Dec 2019 investing howiminvested
2019-12-09 Lesson from jury duty productivity happiness
2019-12-10 The masses follow the wealthy design economics investing
2019-12-11 I predict a rural revival in the US economics
2019-12-12 Fantasy Football Super Bowl projects
2019-12-13 Your time opportunity cost productivity
2019-12-14 I've launched a "Notes" section on this website projects design software
2019-12-15 The importance of subtext writing productivity
2019-12-16 Create your own challenge network productivity
2019-12-17 How to frame projects productivity happiness
2019-12-18 State of Brave Browser Dec 2019 crypto design cryptoresearch
2019-12-19 Modeling NFL pick'ems on point distributions AI software gambling beatingvegas
2019-12-20 Sources of Legacy happiness
2019-12-21 Automation is a creativity opportunity for humankind economics
2019-12-22 Let's be thankful for our standard of living happiness
2019-12-23 We're moving to Europe for a year starting October 2020! happiness
2020-01-15 Changes to my blog format
2020-01-20 v27 - Becoming "Who I am" happiness