Contact me

If you're interested in connecting, the best way to reach me is via email at

I love hearing from people who want to talk about software, startups, investing, etc. and I welcome anyone who wants to collaborate, talk, and in general, form a long-term, strategic relationship to reach out. I respectfully ask that anyone looking to sell me business services (SEO, growth hacking, social media, etc.) please refrain from emailing me. I have never used a service like this and I don't plan to in the future. I will immediately mark any emails I get of this kind as spam.

I believe that face-to-face interactions are always better than digital ones when possible, so if you live in the Boulder, Colorado area or will be visiting, send me a message and we can setup a time to meet up.

If you want to connect with me via social media, I have bad news—I rarely use social media. The best way to reach me (especially in a timely fashion) is email.