Adam Grant on challenge networks

Written in: December 2019 Notes

Last updated on: December 17, 2019

Topics: Productivity

A Ted Talk I watched by Adam Grant

I also listened to Tim Ferris’s #399 podcast episode, which is an interview with Adam.

Criticism and challenge networks
  • Criticism can be very beneficial
  • Ray Dalio uses constructive criticism to run his firm, Bridgewater Associates
  • The culture is to challenge beliefs, even if what you’re arguing for doesn’t align with what you believe
  • As long as a good culture is maintained and it doesn’t become a competition about being right vs. wrong, constant criticism/questioning can be powerful.
  • Adam has his own “challenge network.” He sends them his work and their job is to tear it apart, regardless of if they agree with he beliefs or not.
  • He seems to derive a lot of value from this
  • Everyone has blind spots and it can be beneficial to learn what they are from asking other people what your strengths and weaknesses are
  • Adam recommended this book
  • A lot of it is built on brutally honest communication
  • Frame projects in a way that success is not dependent on the outcome
  • The world is complex and impossible to predict, so by setting up projects that don’t depend on luck, you can isolate your own performance
  • Focus more on creating value in ways you can control, learning, networking, etc.