My projects

Projects aren't a pit. Projects are a ladder.

Many who try to climb them fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the Interwebs or the Netflix or friends.


Only the ladder is real.

The climb is all there is.

Featured Projects


May 2016 - Present

Collection of projects at my current full-time employer, where I'm the senior software engineer, lead designer, and machine learning guru. AutoSalesVelocity is a software company in the auto industry that currently orders almost 10% of all Ford vehicles in the USA.

This Website

Dec. 2014 - Present

My personal website that hosts my contact info, projects, and my Happy Thinking Blog. My goal for running this site is to connect with more people across world and offer out what wisdom and knowledge I can.

Gridiron AI

Oct. 2017 - Present

Every fantasy football enthusiast dreams of creating an AI that gives them a competitive edge. A few years ago, a few friends and I decided to do just that. We run the Gridiron AI website to help us fund our data collection and modeling efforts.

Game of Thrones AI

Oct. 2017

The ASOIAF/GOT book 6 written by an AI that went viral in 2017. Millions of people saw this project from all over the world—this is probably the most famous I'll ever be.


Jan 2014 - May 2016

Collection of projects from my time working at Mocavo as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer. Mocavo was a genealogy company with 1 billion pages in Google's index and was acquired in the largest Techstars exit to date.


Oct. 2016 - Present

I'm the designer and web developer for Livkanna, a travel business innovating the travel book space. My wife does all the hard work, I just put it on the internet in a nice format.

Zello (Trello Clone)

Mar. 2016

This is a toy project I made with VueJS that replicates many of Trello's basic features. I built it as a way of testing out VueJS (version 1) and posted the project on my github to help other developers.

Wine Enthusiast Data

Nov. 2017

A dataset of ~150k wine reviews from the Wine Enthusiast website. This is one of a few datasets I've published on Kaggle and it ranks as the 6th all-time most up-voted dataset at the time of writing.

Cart Pole RL

Dec. 2017

This project is a simple example of how to apply deep reinforcement learning to video games and implements a similar model (though much simpler) as AlphaGo, which is famous for beating the best Go players in the world.

GOT Keyboard

Sep. 2017

I designed a custom WASD mechanical keyboard themed off of Game of Thrones. The vectors were created in Affinity Photo (like Photoshop), Sketch, and InkScape. My inspiration for the icons came from my love of A Song of Fire and Ice and Game of Thrones.