Project: GOT Keyboard

Completed Sep. 2017 as a solo side project

After completing my Game of Thrones AI, which combined math, programming, and an epic fantasy series, I decided that I wan't quite nerdy enough. I needed something more visual that I could put my hands on, so I designed a custom WASD mechanical keyboard.

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Designing a keyboard

This GOT-themed project didn't match the global popularity of my text generator, but It did get almost 40k views on Imgur and made it near the top of the Game of Throne and Mechanical Keyboard subreddit pages.

When I started designing the keyboard, I was surprised that I couldn't find any GOT vectors online to use, so I chipped away designing icon after icon for weeks before I finally placed my order. The day my keyboard was scheduled to arrive was probably the most excited I've been to get something since I was a kid waiting to open presents a few days before Christmas. I literally took my dog for a long walk around the neighborhood to look for the UPS truck...

I'm really pleased with how the keyboard turned out. The mechanical keys feel so pure and I enjoy looking down at my design periodically while I work. I'm lucky that I work from home because I chose the blue, tactile switch keys, which are amazing if you're the one typing, but a little loud if you're a bystander within 100 feet.

If you're as big of a Game of Thrones fan as I am and want the keyboard I designed, I have posted the design on the WASD maker platform. You can buy the full keyboard or just a new set of keys if you already have a compatible keyboard.