Project: Livkanna

Ongoing side project with my wife

Travel books are a multi-billion dollar industry that haven't been innovated on in decades. Even in the age of the internet, most travel books are giant indexes, the majority of which will contain out-dated information within a few years. Livkanna is working to rethink the UX of travel books and optimize them to fulfill the jobs people hire them to do in modern day. My wife started this company based on her experience as both a travel agent and an avid traveler who has consumed hundred of travel books.

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UI/UX Design

Why we are building this

My wife, Shelby, and I are both passionate travelers. Half of the reason that we both work so hard to make money is to pay for our travels around the world. We enjoy any type of travel, but we prefer to go on hiking and road trips all around the world. So far we have been to Iceland, New Zealand, the Alps, Patagonia, Peru, and have trips booked in the near future to various hikes in Europe and Nepal!

At the end of 2016, just after we got married, we decided that Shelby should quit her job at a bank (which she was not passionate about) and start a travel company. We started without much direction, but we have come a long way. The company that originally evolved from this major life decision was The Escapes Artist, a travel agency specializing in international hiking and road trips.

After a few years of running The Escapes Artist, we saw some success, but realized that the travel agent industry is not where we want to be. The pay is low and the hours can be terrible if clients have things go wrong on their trips. Most importantly, Shelby couldn't leverage her time at all. The money she made was 100% tied to how many hours she put in.

So we shut down The Escapes Artist and have decided to use all the knowledge and experience we've built in the travel industry to innovate travel books. We think that we can make figure out a way to optimize the UX of travel books so that they combine both a traditional travel book and a travel agent. Our goal is to enable you to be your own travel agent by equipping you with the necessary tools and info.

This project is still a big work-in-progress and takes a lot of upfront time to develop since we have to go on trips and do a lot of research before even writing the first word in a book. Check back for updates and let us know if you have any thoughts!