Project: Zello (Trello Clone)

Completed Mar. 2016 as a solo side project

Back in early 2016, VueJS was the new kid on the JS-framework block. I thought it showed potential because of it's extremely small file size and efficiency. I wrote down all of the major features I thought a JS framework needed (components, services, routing, etc.) and picked a project that would force me to implement all of my required features. Trello is what I came up with. I had fun one night messing with the logo and dubbed my demo "Zello."

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UI Design

My VueJS 1.0 Opinion

I loved VueJS 1.0, and because of my experience building this trello clone, I ended up using it on a handful of small projects. Since the framework was still pretty young and under-supported in 2016, I didn't adopt VueJS 1.0 on any major work projects. I've since gone back to later versions of VueJS and they are much improved and feature-complete. I would consider using VueJS 2.x on a larger project, but I'm a huge Angular fan and still probably wouldn't actually follow through.

I think where VueJS really shines is as a micro-service provider to static sites. It's so light-weight and does 98% of what I need out of the box. For the things it can't do, there is usually a library I can install to remedy the issue. I actually use VueJS on this site! Notice any of the slick progressive image loaders? That's a VueJS component! I'm sure the VueJS creators would vomit in their mouth a little if they heard me say this, but I think of and use VueJS today like I used jQuery in 2010. I don't want to use it to make a full-blown SPA, but if I need a handful of reusable components that I can easily add DOM interactions to, I'll chose VueJS.

Zello Demo

There is a "Boards" view where you can create new boards, select boards, and star boards.
Inside each "Board" you can create tasks and drag them to various lists.
You can create new lists
And reorder your lists
Finally, you can click into a task to edit it in a more detailed view