I'm Zack Thoutt (pronounced "tout"), a software engineer, amateur entrepreneur, and proud dog father. While my home base is in Boulder, Colorado, I consider myself a digital nomad with financial independence.

I work from home when I'm home and wherever I can when I'm away. I travel lot—my time on the road is limited by how long I can stomach being away from my family (especially my dog if he doesn't get to come), not by work. The mountains are my beach—I find nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than hiking all day with my wife, dog, and the sunshine on my shoulders.

I built this website to host all of my thoughts, ideas, and creations. If the content seems eclectic, that's because it is. The only thematic glue holding it all together is me. I put a lot of time into this site because I believe Einstein was wrong—the most powerful force in the world is compounding connections. Together we can live happier lives and accomplish more in the process.

Interesting Facts

I created the Game of Thrones AI that went viral

I worked at Mocavo, which was acquired in the largest Tech Stars exit to date

I graduated from CU Engineering with a 4.0 GPA

I'm married to the most amazing girl in the world

I've traveled to 47 states and 21 countries on 4 continents

I've climbed 28 of Colorado's 56 14ers

My signature recipe is called "Drunken Trout Pot Pie"

I taught my dog how to bring me beers and recycle the empties

I'm at least a 4th generation Colorado native on all sides of my family tree

My family is the most important part of my life

I do lot of hiking, cross-country skiing, and yoga